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COMPLETELY MAD!   are the nuttiest tribute to Madness around. This act was originally formed under the title of UTTER MADNESS back in 1992,  COMPLETELY MAD followed six months later as a direct result of division in the ranks!

COMPLETELY MAD  was primarily targeting the college and university circuit although plenty of night clubs have also had the privilege over the years.

COMPLETELY MADs  set list has remained constant from the early days, churning out all the hits including Baggy Trousers, Embarrassment, It Must Be Love, House of Fun, Shut Up, and Our House. All the songs are executed with the same raw enthusiasm that shone through on all the original Madness tracks. Attention to detail was never compromised in reproduction of any of the pieces, and thankfully this act has been able to convince even the most hardened Madness fanatics, that the performers were taking things, nothing less than seriously.

COMPLETELY MAD  take their inspiration for stage clothes from the daftest examples displayed in the videos of Madness, so there's always something really stupid to look at on stage, to complement the nutty sound of the music itself.

Although not a strict "look-a-like" act, the music is faultless, the enthusiasm unsurpassed, and the comedic content unrivalled.  Every effort has been made to bring you a highly entertaining, and memorable performance, that continue to highlight how great songs stand the test of time.

So if it's a tribute to Madness you're after, this is the only act to consider . 


Click for for Baggy Trousers Audio Sample

One Step Beyond
The Prince
Swan Lake
Los Palmas 7
Uncle Sam
Driving In My Car
Shut Up
Cardiac Arrest
Night Boat to Cairo
My Girl
Baggy Trousers
It Must Be Love
House of Fun
Our House
Bed & Breakfast Man
Tarzans Nuts


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