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The 25 Live Experience (George Michael tribute)

Completely Mad

The Ultimate 80's

Dance Floor Divas

Mad Donna

Nevada Function Band


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C.L.V. Recordings

GMMS creates and supplies backing tracks to order, incorporating exact arrangement, backing vocal, key shift and track length requirements. Click track orders are also available for synchronised live work requirements and with well  over twenty-five years of recording experience to draw from, we are confident that you will be absolutely delighted with your end product. Attention to detail is paramount, not just in re-creation of sounds,  but following your precise instructions to tailor the track to your exacting standards. The tracks are only ever finished, when YOU are happy with them.

Constant Linear Velocity Recordings, or C.L.V. Recordings for short, is the record label on which the tracks are released. Set up during the late  nineties as a small independent label on which to release original recordings, some of which will are available from this site, it's main function currently is to facilitate the backing track orders.

Please submit any inquiries to clv@gmms.net or telephone 08707 430630 


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