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Mad Donna

After years in the wilderness, this act is back! Originally formed in 1995 due to the  incredible demand for quality tribute shows on the university circuit in the UK,  Mad Donna was created to be the standard to which all the others would aspire to. Following months of rehearsals for the band to accurately recreate the classic sounds of Madonna's tracks, came more rehearsals for the leading lady plus two dancers, in order to nail the correct choreography to accompany these great anthems. Sadly, after only a limited number of shows, the act needed to be shelved due to serious personnel difficulties, which became irresolvable for some time. Having the right team is vital to succeed in this industry, so the act was dormant for many years.

With various other commitments preventing this act from being re-created since that time, thankfully it is accepting engagements again. Sporting our all new and vastly improved "Mad Donna" Madonna look-alike/sound-alike, all new choreographed dancers and dance routines, and a fresh take on the former production techniques previously applied for the live band, this act is truly awesome. This is a tribute to Madonna like no other. The attention to detail has been as paramount this time as it was twenty one years ago. The set still blasts through the old classics like Holiday, Express Yourself and Vogue, but also encompasses some of the newer classics, like Music, Jump and Hung up.

The seventy five minute show is engaging on so many levels. The energy exuded within this show is truly breathtaking, with each performer giving 100% throughout. This act will not disappoint.



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Where's the Party?

 Material Girl

 Into the Groove

 La Isle la Bonita

 Papa Don't Preach

 Express Yourself


 Like a Prayer

 Open Your Heart

 Like a Virgin


Hung Up



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