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Nevada Function Band


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The latest addition to the GMMS offerings, continues to be  engaged in a contract outside of the UK. It will be back for November 2014 onwards so just in time for the Christmas rush! This TEN piece function band has decades of playing experience between the performers, ensuring that they are at home in every type of performing environment. With a wealth of songs to draw from, Nevada can keep your event going and your guests entertained in to the small hours, utilising a set list that will easily allow for over two hours solid of all your favourite hits from the 60s 70's 80's, 90's and beyond.

With top West End session musicians, polished experienced seasoned male and female vocalists and a sound and light package that not disappoint at any event, this is truly the act to go for, when quality has to be assured, and budgets are not so important! With the option of the huge sounding  TWELVE piece band beckoning, your only other decision, is whether to have the band play two one hour slots, or three forty minutes slots!

This act is probably one of the most expensive function band available in the UK today, with shows starting at £9,500 * however it does ensure that only the best instrumentalists and vocalists can be hired, to give you a programme of songs to guarantee your event to be an incredible success. Amazing musicianship, well crafted arrangements and brilliant vocal harmonies, put this act in a league of its own.

All performers have been on Cultural Awareness courses to ensure that they are able to tailor the show, to incorporate the specific needs and requirements of both hosts and guests. This includes religious sensitivity to specific dress codes which will be adhered to on request.

This act is the epitome of professionalism, flexibility and versatility, whilst being able to connect with its audiences, regardless of the diversity of the performing environments.

GMMS are delighted to announce the success of re-negotiating exclusive management of Nevada,  for the seventh year, as of June 2014, and look forward to a contining working relationship.

* Includes a DJ with full light & sound.

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