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The Ultimate 80's

They  say that  "The Eighties"  is coming back in vogue again,  but for these guys, "The Eighties"  never  went anywhere  in  the first place!  It   was  never   a  problem  to  try  and  locate  appropriate stage  wear like   fluorescent sweatbands,  or white socks,  -  this  lot had never stopped wearing them! Deciding on which  songs   to   cover was  going  to be no more  of   a deal either,  as all of the  songs   chosen just  happened    to   be    on  tapes, jammed in  the  cassette players   of  each   of their   respective  Ford  Capri's and XR3i's! Reproduction of  the songs, did  take some looking at though.  These  were  going  to  be strong  tracks,  and  with original  production  courtesy  of   the   likes of  Trevor Horn,   live   re - creation did take    some   thought   and  indeed   work.   However,  this  crowd are  of  course  from the  same stable as the highly sought   after WHAM!DURAN act , who  have  maintained  their   reputation  for  excellence since establishing themselves  in the UK  in 1993.  Therefore,  by   adopting   the   same  attitude  and   indeed formulas  to re-creating the original  sounds  of   the 80's anthems to be covered,  the music is needless to say first class. 

This is not  your average  80's cover  band  experience,  not least  because playing  along  to the original    record  has never been, and  nor  should  it  ever become  an  option  for  acts  at  this  level, (guilty parties know who they are),  but because this act had already set the standard in it's other guise It   has  already  dictated  what  peoples expectations should be, and delivers it to them , before they've even had the  chance to merely take whatever they're given, which sadly goes on in this industry all to often.

The songs performed  by  "The Ultimate 80's",    are all popular,   up-tempo big selling 80's tracks.  Check out the list below, of the songs performed.

It  is also worth pointing  out  that each song is  performed  in   its  entirety,  - something that you may  well  have taken  for granted,  however  it was felt  that  this   ought  to be   highlighted,   as certain   other   80's  shows,  experience   a  problem   in  being able  to deliver more  than  a  verse  and  a   chorus,   of  each song!     Anyway, not so here. Full  intros, verses, choruses,  bridges,  middle    eights,   solos,   key  changes,  outros endings, the lot,   plus   the odd   costume change  of  course,  puts   this   act  head and shoulder pads above its main competitors. As stated  before,   this act do not believe in short cuts.   If the song is good enough to perform, it gets the full treatment.

Formerly known as "The Ultimate 80's Extravaganza",  this six piece act has enjoyed success all over the UK and Europe since 2002. The Seventy-five minute show will give you an evening, or indeed afternoon, to remember for a long time.

Images from a recent event for Heart Radio in Colchester. Photos courtesy of Gary Steers.




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1999 -Prince

Don't Go - Yazoo

Just Can't Get Enough - Depeche Mode

Is There Something I Should Know? - Duran Duran

 Poison Arrow- ABC

Enola Gay - OMD

Don't You Want Me?- Human League

Lets Hear it for the Boy - Denice Williams

Don't Leave Me this Way - The Communards

Papa don't Preach - Madonna

Somebody Else's Guy - Jocelyn Brown

Young Guns - Wham!

Holiday - Madonna

Night to Remember- Shalamar

Rio -Duran Duran

Faith -George Michael

Billie Jean- Michael Jackson

Tainted Love - Soft Cell

Word Up - Cameo

Look of Love - ABC

So Excited - Pointer Sisters

Karma Chameleon - Culture Club

Knew You Were Waiting for Me - George Michael / Aretha Franklin

Notorious - Duran Duran

I Wanna Dance With Somebody - Whitney Houston

It's Rainin' Men - Weather Girls

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